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Honoring God by sharing the hope we have in Jesus Christ and by affirming the sanctity of every human life with people in the Pocono area.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to sharing HOPE with every woman who comes to our Center...

Hope through TRUTH

For every woman who thinks abortion is the answer to her unplanned pregnancy, we offer her hope through the truth that there are alternatives available. We let her know that she can make a choice for life, and that we are there to help. We communicate this truth through the following services:

  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Fetal development education
  • Abortion procedures and risks education
  • Abortion alternatives information
  • Adoption information
  • Limited obstetrical ultrasounds
  • "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

    Hope through PROVISION

    For every woman who has made a choice for life, to carry and to parent her child, we offer her hope by walking along side her, giving her the practical help she needs. We stand behind her by offering her support emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We communicate this hope through the following services:

  • Community referrals
  • Provision of material goods
  • Fatherhood Initiative program
  • Parenting and Life Steps Skills
  • Bible Studies
  • Continued support until child age two

  • **We Do Not Provide or Refer For Abortions.

    Hope through REDEMPTION

    For every woman who has fallen victim to the lies of abortion and sexual sin, we offer her hope through the healing and forgiving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. We share the hope of renewed life through Jesus after having an abortion or living a life of sexual compromise. We communicate this hope through the following programs provided through our Center:

    Post-Abortion Program: Forgiven and Set Free

  • An 8 -10 week Bible study to bring women through the process of healing after an abortion.
  • Communicates the truth that Christ did not come to condemn, but to deliver and set free.
  • Offers forgiveness, salvation and healing through Christ, and Christ alone.
  • Offers support and encouragement through the process from leaders and group members sharing in the experience.

  • Sexual Integrity Program

  • A program based upon four Biblical pillars used in the counseling room to introduce young women to God's plan for sexual integrity as an alternative to the world's lie of sexual compromise.
  • Empowers women to make choices that will positively impact their future, and the future of their children.
  • Designed to prevent future hurts and pregnancies produced by a continued life of sexual compromise.
  • Promotes God's plan of marriage in relationships where appropriate.
  • "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

    Hope through COMPASSION

    For every woman who walks through our door, regardless of her situation, age, race, or ethnic background, we offer her hope by affirming her value in God and showing her His great love. We offer her a listening ear, a caring heart, and the opportunity to know truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We communicate this hope the following ways:

  • Offering ongoing counseling
  • Sharing God's plan of salvation through Jesus Christ
  • Giving free Bibles and tracts
  • Developing relationships with returning clients
  • Studying God's Word and communicating His message for her life

  • "Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ." Ephesians 4:15

    Ultra Sound

    UltraSound Program

    Our ultrasound program will be starting up later this spring. The machine itself was a gift from the Tannersville chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

    Too often our society gives incorrect information about the fetal and embryonic stages of pregnancy, often touting that it is just a mass or blob of tissue, when in fact there is a clear heartbeat and brain waves at 21 days gestation.

    Our program will offer an abortion vulnerable woman the opportunity to actually see their baby live on screen. Sonogram

    Statistics clearly show an almost 90% change of decision when an abortion minded woman sees her baby through a sonogram for the first time. This will fully prepare her to make a more informed decision about the life of her unborn baby.

    Our program is for women in 7 to 13 weeks of pregnancy.

    Baby Think it Over Program

    Baby Think it Over is used in conjunction with a center's abstinence program or in a public school.

    The child takes home the doll as a project to see just how hard and unglamorous being a parent can be.

    There has been an overwhelmingly high numbers of young teens having babies and some of them even intentionally getting pregnant. BTIO program has been successul in other areas. Thanks to some generous donors PRC of the Poconos now has the doll.

    It is technologically able behave very similar to an actual baby. And when used correctly a teen will have the responsibility of feeding, changing and caring for a crying colicky baby as part of his/her grade. It actually looks, feels and smells like a real baby.

    Fatherhood Initiative Program

    We are very proud when we introduce a new program, especially when it is an immediate success. Our new Fatherhood Initiative is designed to help dads be better fathers and to play a bigger role in their children's lives. We presently have two trained facilitators who have volunteered their time for six men, one has already completed the 12 week course.

    We are using the "National Fatherhood Initiative" 24:7 DAD curriculum. Their mission statement is: "To improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children with involved, responsible, and committed fathers."

    All PRCP services are free and confidential.